About Berni Graham

I provide independent, high quality

    • Social research

    • Programme evaluation

    • Training & support around research and evaluationBerni

My research and evaluation builds on my earlier careers in social policy, welfare and health. This extensive and varied experience helps me get quickly to the heart of an issue and understand diverse stakeholders’ needs.



‘Berni spent a lot of time in advance talking to staff and trustees and understanding our organisation. The result was she had a precise and clear understanding of our aims, mission, strengths and weaknesses. .. Her suggestions were embraced, as it was clear she fully understood the organisation’s needs and aspirations.’

                        Saira Grant,  Chief Executive, JCWI

I specialise in:

  • qualitative and  mixed-method studies
  • issues and programmes relating to children, young people and their families
  • involving service users in the research/ evaluation
  • training and supporting others to carry out research /evaluation


Berni’s professional report.. helped us engage with decision makers and influence the developments in local children’s services

Emma Whitby,  Chief Executive, Healthwatch Islington


My projects


High ethPrintical standards

I work by the highest ethical standards and follow the SRA code of guidance, as well as the NCB guidance, around  working with children and young people.

I regularly collaborate with other experienced researchers, according to the project size and timing

My rates are highly competitive. Contact me for further information